Generate thousands of dollars on launch day…

Have you ever seen the power and profitability of a well-orchestrated, targeted product launch?

These guys can generate thousands of dollars on launch day, and go on to sell thousands more through their back-end systems, time-limited offers, and special deals available only to those who purchase during the launch phase.

In fact, if done correctly, even “first-time” product developers who have never launched a product before can easily build a targeted customer base that they can tap into time and time again, all from that one strategically organized product launch.

There’s no question; a carefully planned and executed product launch can catapult you into the six-figure earning bracket, and set you up for ongoing success.

There should be only one question on your mind right now:

How can I get started?

Building The Foundation

You’ve likely heard the term “pre-launch”, which is when product developers begin to create buzz around their upcoming launch. This period is crucial to every successful launch strategy because it’s where you focus on building anticipation around your launch, and get people excited and ready to purchase when it goes live.

But there is another part of every pre-launch that not everyone talks about, and that’s what some of us call the “Foundation Launch”.

In reality, it’s not really a launch at all, but more of a relationship builder because this is the time in which you begin to identify leaders and authority figures in your market and strategically place yourself in their line of sight.

These key players are usually established businesses, bloggers or marketers in your niche that can help you successfully launch your product.  And of course, this is also the time in which you begin to recruit affiliates and build your sales army.

It’s important that you don’t overlook the importance of spending time working on the foundation of your launch long before you move ahead with phase 2, when you begin to generate buzz and get people excited about your product.

Many new developers and product creators jump the gun, putting most of their attention and energy on the launch day itself, but it’s in the pre-launch and foundation building level where the real magic happens.

In fact, the more effort you put into your foundation building phase, the more successful your launch will be because not only do you have a solid team of promoters in place, but you’ve established yourself as a leader in your market, or at the very least, a credible source for high quality information and resources.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can create a launch strategy that includes a foundation launch that will catapult your sales on your big day!


Here are links to some useful resources…

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Build a mailing list prior to your launch day so you can connect with potential affiliates, customers and joint venture partners.

Google Alerts

Keep up with what is being said about your product easily by setting up a Google alert for your name and website.

Next Steps

If surveys are something you are considering for your business and would like to learn more about best practice then downloading our Forager Bee’ Blueprint, “Follow This 4 Step Blueprint To Successful Product Launches Without Spending A Fortune”, below is a good place to start:

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