Launching a product is exciting…

and the feeling of excitement never really goes away, even when you’ve launched dozens of products.

That feeling of anticipation and anxiousness… there’s nothing quite like it!

Of course, it’s also incredibly disappointing when you work hard on a launch and it fizzles out quickly. You’ve spent unbelievable amounts of time and money preparing your product for launch, setting up JVs, finding affiliates, and more… and then… nothing. Or maybe just a tiny trickle of sales comes in for a while before it completely dies.

So, what happens that causes some products to explode onto the market, and others to drift away into oblivion?

It could be one (or many) factors, such as the product itself, the sales copy, the launch process, the price, the marketing… there are just so many possibilities.


Here are links to some useful resources…

Split Test Monkey:

The easiest way to split test variations of your pages and increase conversion rates!

Product Dyno:

The easiest way to set up a digital content storefront online quickly while automating the delivery of your product. Very easy to set up and use if you wish to minimize your workload and streamline your product launch.

Post Gopher:

One of the easiest ways to keep visitors returning to your website, while letting them save the content they enjoy most.

Next Steps

If you are in business and considering how best to launch your next product or service  then downloading our Forager Bee’  Launch Report “Learn How To Orchestrate a 6 Figure Product Launch”, below is a good place to start:

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