Video is the fastest growing type of media online…

Even companies that were founded on other types of broadcasting—such as Twitter and Instagram have begun to embrace video in order to improve visitor engagement and better connect with their target audience.

With the prevalence of high-speed internet access in most areas of the world, it’s no wonder video is the preferred method of communication, whether it be for educational purposes, or entertainment.

Unfortunately, incorporating video content on your blog or website hasn’t always been an easy task.  For many, uploading videos to their own hosting account is time-consuming and expensive, and while embedding videos from third-party services simplifies things, you’ll often end up losing a lot of control over how the videos are displayed.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions to these common issues, and you can use video on all your sites and blogs without the expense of hosting them yourself, and with all of the control you would expect if you DID host them!

Let’s look at a few other ways you can use video to spice up nearly any type of blog or website.

  1. Draw Attention – Videos can be embedded on nearly any page to draw attention to something. You might embed an auto-play video that asks people to turn off their add blocker, follow you on social media, or check out one of your ads.
  2. Sell Products – Sales videos work great to get people to take action, by either buying your product, opting in to your list, or buying an affiliate product. They increase conversions significantly!
  3. Demonstrate Use – If you have your own product, or you’re selling an affiliate product, you can use video to show people how easy the product is to use, how useful it is, etc.
  4. Tutorials – Almost any type of tutorial is greatly enhanced by video. Some people simply can’t grasp a topic via text and/or photos, but video will help almost anyone understand a subject.
  5. Attract Attention (and keep it!) – Videos can definitely be more enticing that photos, and certainly more so than text. Imagine going to the website of your local steakhouse and seeing a video of a sizzling ribeye coming off the grill and being sliced open, glistening and juicy. Or going to a gaming website and seeing a video of how spectacular the graphics and gameplay is for a new game that just came out.
  6. Connect with your Audience – Sometimes people just want to feel connected to you, and video is the perfect way to accomplish that. You can include a video of yourself on your website to let people know who you are and connect with you on a more personal level.
  7. Make Topics More Interesting – Some topics just aren’t that interesting or entertaining, but the right video can turn a boring topic into one that is fun or exciting!
  8. Show Off Your Skills – If you provide a service, video is the perfect way to show people what you can do. Imagine a paint contractor giving a room-by-room tour of a beautiful home they just painted, or an artist giving a live demo of their creations!
  9. Retain Viewers – You may or may not know this, but Google looks at “bounce rate” as a big factor in SEO. Bounce rate is the number of people who leave your site without visiting another page other than the one they initially landed on.  They also use the amount of time spent on a page as a factor. Video can keep people on your site longer, and entice them to view more pages.

These are just a few ideas of ways you can use video to enhance your websites or landing pages.


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