Split testing is one of those things a lot of marketers neglect to use…

because they think it’s overly complicated or isn’t really necessary.

And it’s understandable. It does seem like it would be a bit technical, but it’s actually a lot easier than you probably think!

As far as necessary—well, it’s as necessary as any other element of your business, and you’ll learn why later. Trust me, split testing is a vital component of your business. You might be able to succeed without it, but you could have even more success if you do use it!

So what is split testing, anyway?

Split testing, in case you haven’t heard of it, is the process of testing multiple versions of a particular piece of copy in order to find out which one converts best. For example, you could test multiple versions of a page’s headline, or multiple color variations of a sales page.

You can do this manually by simply running one version for a while and tracking results, then making a change and allowing it to run for a while and comparing results, or by using a special piece of software that shows the different versions to visitors on a rotating basis.

Why Use Split Testing?

Perhaps the biggest argument people present when they try to explain why they aren’t using split testing is that they just don’t think it’s necessary. Why bother with something that might only increase your conversion rate by a percent or two?

Well, in the beginning, it might not seem like that big of a deal. If you’re only making $100 per month, it might not seem like such a huge thing to your bottom line.


Don’t think I’m saying you shouldn’t use split testing just because you aren’t making much, yet! Just because it won’t add thousands of dollars magically to your income doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it! Let me explain why.

First, it could actually double your income with very little effort. Yes, that’s right… I said it could double your income! The reason I said it might not seem like “that big of a deal” is because doubling your income from $100 to $200 might not seem that big, but when you consider you doubled your income practically overnight, it’s bigger than it seems! And if you’re making more than $100 per month, the potential is even more powerful.

Another important reason you might want to use split testing right from the start is to make sure your products convert as well as they can in order to attract affiliates.

If you create your own products, chances are, you’re going to want affiliates to promote those products for you. After all, it’s pretty much “free money”. Affiliates do the work, and you get paid.

But affiliates aren’t going to want to promote a product that doesn’t convert well. And if they try a product you create and it doesn’t convert, they will probably never promote another one of your products.

Starting to see why it actually IS a big deal, even in the beginning? Even if you’re not too worried about conversion rates for your own income, you have to worry about making sure your products convert for the sake of your affiliates!

As you can see, split testing isn’t something you should continue to ignore. No matter what type of business you’re running, split testing could help you increase your profits considerably!



Here are links to some of the resources found in this article:

Split Test Solutions: 

>> http://www.splittestmonkey.com

>> http://www.optimizely.com

>> https://vwo.com/

>> http://www.qubit.com/

>> https://en.abtasty.com/

>> http://www.adobe.com/marketing-cloud/testing-targeting.html

Next Steps

If spit testing sounds like it would be valuable to your business bit you’re not sure on how best to approach it (concious of saving time and money)  then downloading our Forager Bee’ Test Scripts “5 Split Testing ScriptsTo Dramatically Increase Profits Regardless Of Your Size”, below is a good place to start:

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